Refine your brand, brush up your skills and take off!

As I look around the Internet and my community, I see so many interesting businesses being born into the ever-growing marketplace. Along with innovative business ideas, I’m seeing small-business owners with some serious design and branding savvy, which is a wonderful talent to have when launching a small business.

If this is you, I imagine you have dabbled (or wanted to) with Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign to develop your materials. Great! But this software can be a little overwhelming at times – right? I get it: I’m continually learning new ways to use this powerful software to achieve my vision for projects. That’s where I can help. With over 10 years’ experience and formal training in using Creative Suite for graphic design and layout, I can coach you and sharpen up the skills you need to continue managing your own brand and build print-ready files to specifications.

Have you found yourself:

  • wasting time going back and forth with printers, making changes to files?
  • not understanding all the lingo or specs?
  • not being able to achieve the layout you had hoped for, spending hours trying to resolve file issues?

Refine Your Brand

In addition to software coaching, I can help you clean up your brand and develop some graphics, patterns, typography, etc. to help you infuse some new elements into your future communications. It’s like I’ll be giving you a little jump start, showing you a little about how the engine works, and then sending you on your way in your shiny new sports car (or vintage beetle – whatever toots your horn).